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Air and Saturation Diving Services

  • Inspection, Maintenance and Remedial works on platforms, pipelines
  • Pipeline Tie-ins including metrology, hydratight, excavation upto 48” pipelines
  • Pipe lay activities
  • SPM Installation
  • Installation of clamps, risers, J/I-tubes, PLEM’s, etc
  • Pipeline stabilisation including installation of concrete mattresses, grout bag supports
  • Connecting and Decommissioning FPSO
  • UWILDD on rigs, semi submersibles, vessels
  • Working on DP2 DSV’s, Construction Barges, Jack Up Rigs, Semi-Submersibles
  • Complete manning of diving operations, consumables for client supplied DP2DSV, Barges
    Including Client Representatives, Air/Saturation Diving Superintendents, Life Support Supervisors/Technicians, Air/Sat Divers with DMT, CSWIP qualifications, Inspection Co-ordinators with CSWIP 3.4U’s and other designations